Ten Cookbooks for Paleo Diet

To follow a Paleo Diet you only need to find the good recipes. For your convenient, here are 10 cookbooks that will tell you what you should include and exclude in your Paleo Diet. These books include the recipes that will take you on a healthy lifestyle. The Paleo...


Coconut Milk Chicken Curry for Paleo Recipe

This is a delicious recipe and is easy to prepare. If you are following a Paleo diet then you can change the white potatoes included in this recipe with sweet potatoes that don’t very much change the taste and brings the food closer to a Paleo dish. This article...


Fast Food in Paleo Diet

Talking about fast food and Paleo food together might not sound right to you. Fast food includes burgers, sodas, sugar filled beverages, French fries, milkshake, which you want to avoid at all cost in your Paleo diet. If you follow a Paleo diet then you would never want to...


Cleanse your Body with 21-Day Paleo Plan

I have created this 21 day cleanse that is made by my experience from different health related books. By following this cleanse you will be able to bring your body back to healthy shape. You can follow it if you have strayed from your Paleo lifestyle and have eaten...