Coconut Milk Chicken Curry for Paleo Recipe

This is a delicious recipe and is easy to prepare. If you are following a Paleo diet then you can change the white potatoes included in this recipe with sweet potatoes that don’t very much change the taste and brings the food closer to a Paleo dish.

This article will teach you what you need to make this dish and how to prepare it.

Estimated Preparation Time: 15mins

Estimated Time to Cook: 45mins


  • Cubed chicken (boneless) thighs four pieces
  • Cubed sweet potato
  • Onions (one cup) chopped
  • Garlic (five cloves) chopped
  • 5 oz coconut milk
  • Curry powder (2 tbsp)
  • Butter (2 tbsp)
  • Cooking oil according to need
  • Sea salt according to need

Though these are the main ingredients but what good about this dish is that you can add your favorite ingredients to customize it according to your taste. If you like spicy meal; add jalapenos or chilli powder. For vegetable lovers; add cauliflowers, bell peppers, mushrooms etc. Want to go with something different; add basil or lemongrass. There are many ways you can prepare this dish with your favourite ingredients.


  1. Add butter in a large skillet and put it on low heat. Include curry powder once the butter has melted. Use a spatula to blend the ingredients.
  2. Next, add coconut milk in the skillet and swirl it.
  3. Take another skillet and add cooking oil then saute the onions and garlic. Keep heating the coconut milk mixture in the other skillet.
  4. Wait for the onions to translucent then add cubed chicken pieces.
  5. Next, wait until the meat is cooked lightly then add the sweet potato. Add the sautéed onion, chicken and garlic mixture into the skillet with coconut milk.
  6. Stir the mixture well and set the heat to high. Wait for the mixture to simmer then bring the heat to medium low then cover it.
  7. Let the dish to cook for 30 minutes while stirring the mixture occasionally.

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