Ten Cookbooks for Paleo Diet

To follow a Paleo Diet you only need to find the good recipes. For your convenient, here are 10 cookbooks that will tell you what you should include and exclude in your Paleo Diet. These books include the recipes that will take you on a healthy lifestyle.

The Paleo Recipe Book


Buy this book; it is worth your money. It has more than 350 recipes to prepare wholesome foods that are healthy for you and keeps you away from consuming junk food that makes you fat and sluggish. The book is neatly designed so readers can find all the recipes and instructions about how to prepare them easily.

Main Features:

  • A separate additional cookbook that includes only Desserts.
  • Gives clear directions to use the right spices and herbs.
  • The book can be viewed on different mobile devices.
  • 60 days money back guarantee if you didn’t liked the book.

Final Verdict: It is the best cookbook you can find in the market for the best Paleo diet. Also, comes with an eight weeks diet plan.

Paleo Hacks


This book will give you the right recipes to include in your Paleo diet. It contains over 200 recipes which will give you energy, leaner muscles and peace of mind. When eating these recipes you will not even think that you are following a Paleo diet, it will be like you are missing nothing.

Main Features:

  • This book features a guide to bring you onto the right track in 30 days.
  • It includes the list of all the ingredients you need.
  • It features a guide on how to eat outside but while still following the Paleo diet.

Final Verdict: A good book with complete tools to begin your Paleo diet.

Caveman Feast


The number of recipes this book contains is over 200. These Paleo recipes are in to provide you a healthy diet; Caveman Style. You can also find free recipes at the authors website Civilized Caveman. This book clearly gives you an idea about what is Paleo and what is not.

Main Features:

  • It contains different categories that include breakfasts, side dishes, etc.
  • Recipes in this book don’t include refined sugar, potatoes, preservatives and grains.
  • You can use these recipes if you want to lose weight or get energy.

Final Verdict: if you want to eat healthy and want to lose weight then buy this book.

1,000 Paleo Recipes


Good thing about Paleo diet now is that we have thousands of choices to pick from as compared to our ancestors who only used to live on selective foods. The recipes in this book are categorized in appetizers, fish, pork, red meat etc. This book guides on how to prepare and use different ingredients in your diet and make yourself healthy by burning fat and even slowing down aging process. Recipes in this book can be made pretty quickly so you don’t have to spend a lot of time in kitchen.

Main Features:

  • Easy step based guide on how to prepare the meals.
  • Supports different mobile devices to access the recipes anywhere.
  • A beginner friendly book for you to start your Paleo diet today.

Final Verdict: Just like its name, this book gives you thousands of healthy Paleo recipes.

Nom Nom Paleo


If you get bored with reading recipes in a same formal manner then you will like this book a lot. It contains over 100 recipes that are written in a humors style. It contains plenty of recipes spread over 288 pages to give a new dish each day.

Main Features:

  • Contains guide for a Paleo diet for your children.
  • The iPad Paleo application from the author contains additional recipes.
  • This book teaches how to make your kitchen Paleo friendly.

Final Verdict: A good book that is fun to follow.



Use this book to follow a Paleo diet in gathering. Most people face the problem of following a fixed diet plan when they are having a get together or a family dinner. People know that they can sacrifice many things to follow their plan but others might not like the idea. The book is designed for such people that want to follow their Paleo diet even in a gathering. The book is designed to prepare such recipes that a whole group can enjoy, without caring that it is a Paleo diet. From a great dinner to a common gathering, this book contains all the recipes.

Main Features:

  • This book contains the pictures of different recipes for you to see what the final dish will look like.
  • You can find it on Kindle.
  • Contain reviews and ratings to tell you about how much other prefers the recipes.

Final Verdict: Own this book and you don’t have to worry about changing your diet in a gathering.

Paleo Power Lunch


This book contains Paleo meals to make for lunch time. Many times it happens that during the lunch time we are getting late and don’t find time to prepare the right dish for our health. It is also the time when we look for food that could be eaten quickly i.e. packed and processed foods. This book will give you recipes that can be made quickly and you will always have something to take care of your lunch time.

Main Features:

  • Contain recipes that can be made quickly.
  • Comes with quick reference guide.
  • Guide included to plan the week ahead.

Final Verdict: If you have problem with deciding what to make for lunch or have little time to prepare anything then own this book.

Special Note: Having this book will make sure that you always enjoy a Paleo lunch.

Summer Eats


This book contains the recipes that make it different from other Paleo cookbooks. It contains delicious meals that come under Paleo diet so you eat healthy without compromising on the taste. This book contains only 16 recipes but don’t feel down; each of these recipes are designed while keeping the quality in mind. So, rather than quality, this book will provide you with healthy Paleo diet based dishes. A good book when you want to make a Paleo dish on any good occasion.

Main Features:

  • Comes with video guide to understand the recipes better.
  • You will get more recipes when they will be released in future.
  • Works great for beginners.

Final Verdict: A great book for you when you want to make an excellent meal on a fine occasion.

Practical Paleo


This Paleo diet cookbook contains over 120 different recipes which are easy to prepare. This book will get you started on your Paleo diet and with it you will learn something new about it. It is reviewed and tested to give you a list of healthy Paleo dishes. Recipes in this book are explained in a simple way which makes the book simple to follow.

Main Features:

  • Start with the 30 day guide.
  • Information in the book is easily searchable.
  • You can get it on Kindle.

Final Verdict: This book gives you the base to include Paleo food in your life and gives you clear guidelines to begin with.

Paleo in a Kitchen


This book not only teaches you what ingredients you need to make a Paleo dish but also how to make it the right way. With the right ingredients, you will be able to make a Paleo dish that is healthy and will suit your taste buds.

Main Features:

  • This book teaches you how to prepare your Paleo dishes even if you don’t have great cooking skills.
  • Teaches you new recipes which are fun to prepare and eat.
  • Gives you a list of best ingredients with affordable prices.

Final Verdict: You can buy this book if you are just starting in Paleo diet.paleo-cookbooks


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